Week 1

this was the first week of my internship this summer working with the weeklong teams that come into St. Louis to do justice, learn to love mercy, and survive by walking humbly with God.

we had 60 people come, 1 high school team from Iowa, a junior high team from Illinois and the New City junior high youth group.

I’m dead tired ( a theme of the summer, to be sure), so we’re going to skip to the entertaining stuff, and I’ll try to fill you in on the practical stuff later.

Awesome Inner-City Vocabulary of the Week:

-“on point”- adj. meaning excellent, superior, or great. emphasis always on the second syllable. For example, “Amy Jensen’s cooking is on point!”  or “that song is on. point.

-“extra”- adj. typically used to describe a person who is excessively outgoing, contributing more to a conversation than is necessary in order to bring attention to him- or herself.  For example, “oooo, she get on my nerves! she’s just so extra.”  or “Keith, you just being extra tonight.”

only Rachel (another intern) can pull these off really well, although Emily and Keith do a pretty good job. I am hopelessly unable to use them well. earlier tonight, I said “your boo” about someone’s boyfriend, and everyone who heard me just laughed. oh well. I do really love “on point” especially.

Jesus Sighting(s) of the Week: 

-I was so, so encouraged to go to our old (as of two weeks ago) house/ the Baum’s house and help out with a Bible Club. I saw the connections forming between kids in the neighborhood and the Baums and was reminded that Jesus didn’t come into the neighborhood with us, and didn’t leave when we left.

-our devotional at the end of the week where we split into girl and guys and confessed our sins to each other was so powerful, and I didn’t have a thing to do with it. God worked in the previously-very-quiet group to convict of sin, to have the courage to speak honestly about it, and then I had the opportunity to speak God’s love and excitement and forgiveness over us, even at our ugliest, most sinful moments.

-I saw Jesus in Mary and Dave (two of the Iowa leaders)’s care of their youth group. they are thoughtful and intentional and generous and calm and engaged. I loved spending time with them, and saw Jesus in them.

well, maybe I’ll write more later, bur I’m beat. we’ve already got our second week’s team in, and it all starts again tomorrow!

whoooo! more mercy…


One Comment on “Week 1”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    Thanks for the definition of words. I knew “on point”, but think “Extra” has some good uses.

    You are fully “engaged” (young people word), so I’m proud. May you continue to see God at work through your work. We are “workers together with Him”.


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