Well, this (graph 2) is our lack of results from our self-designed lab, in which we recorded the frequencies produced by filling a wine glass with different viscosities of fluids (water, hydrogen peroxide, vegetable oil, karo syrup) and then tapping it with a mallet or rubbing one’s finger around the rim. We had other observations, but the key question was answered by a No.

The viscosity of the fluid contained in the glass has no predictable, significant effect on the pitch of the note produced.

Yay, science.


One Comment on “Science!”

  1. Your Dad says:

    In an effort to encourage preciseness in science I would recommend you change the words from “no predictable effect” to say no perceptible effect. Now that you have done your experiment you can predict the outcome of similar experiments would be similar…no perceptible effect on the pitch. So the question is what is the feature that makes the pitch change between when the wine glass is full and when it is part way full? And I hope you don’t say it changes pitch because I drank half a glass of wine.

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