This song from the Inception soundtrack is auditory caffeine when you need to work and aren’t right at deadline. However, if you’re already jittery from caffeine and rapidly hitting deadline, don’t listen to it. It will turn you into a shaking, panicking ball of nerves. Also: probably don’t listen to it when you are driving or you will speed to very, very expensive ticket levels. You might also start  imagining the other cars are chasing you and begin swerving dangerously. I am wise enough never to have driven with this on.

This song just makes whatever you are studying seem super cool. It makes the paper you’re writing seem groundbreaking and modern, the kind of thing that people have to put on sunglasses and sit in minimalist chairs in primarily stainless-steel rooms to read. Or if you’re reading something, it makes it seem like you should be doing that with sunglasses on in a minimalist chair in a primarily stainless-steel room, because you are that cool. Also, someone put together a ton of video clips that all go together but are from different movies to this song, which is super rad, too. 

[Sidenote: when I link things to youtube, I do it for the audio clip, nothing more. (except that last one) Please just always ignore the video that is playing and especially ignore, and do not read at any cost, the comments on the video. I try to make sure the videos I grab around putting anything bad with the music, but I almost entirely just have them play in the background and don’t watch the video, so I’m not 100% sure. And just don’t ever read comments on youtube unless you are feeling particularly good about the human race and want those happy feelings to go away and be replaced by anger at most humans and despair for the future. That is the only good time to read comments on youtube.]

And then sometimes you just need some good Jon Foreman to study to. This has been one of my favorites lately. It’s just really true, but not super distracting to study to, if I need to focus on other things.  This one is a bit of a bad one if I’m feeling really tired, though.

Okay. That’s all I have for you today.


One Comment on “inspiration”

  1. I used to listen to the soundtrack to the movie Power of One when I was up late writing papers in college. The movie was about a boxer during apartheid in South AFrica and it was either instrumental or lyrics in another language I didn’t understand. If I listened to songs with lyrics late at night, those lyrics would find their way into my paper accidentally.

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