insults of the day, Nietzsche edition

GUYS! Nietzsche is probably my favorite guy to read this whole semester. He is so angry and hilarious. Here are some choice selections:

  • “Plato is boring…In regards to the whole “Plato Phenomenon” [which is basically all of western philosophy] I would rather use the harsh expression “exalted swindle” -or if it sounds better, idealism- than any other.
  • “Socrates belonged by origin to the lowest folk; Socrates was rabble. One knows, one can still see for oneself, how ugly he was.”
  • He says that another philosopher  “crept into this world of enigmas with the respectable self-assurance of a worm dried out between books, and convinced himself that being nauseatingly flippant and childish made him scientific. (“nausiatingly flippant”! “self assurance of a worm”! Remind me not to get on this guy’s bad side!)

Daaaang. Nietzsche can throw an insult around.


One Comment on “insults of the day, Nietzsche edition”

  1. Shane says:

    so true. Lol neitzsche is my home boy!

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