I really love to just fiddle around on the guitar. For instance, I’ve “wasted” an hour messing around with super rad open tuning that I just tried out.

A note for the non-guitarists: the guitar is usually tuned such that you can’t just strum the strings without any fingers pressed down and it sound like a nice chord. But with an open tuning like the one I’m using it sounds good even without playing a specific chord with your fingers, so you’re freed up to mess around with additional stuff. It’s so, so fun, especially after a long week.

So, here’s a video of me playing. It’s nothing polished and doesn’t have great audio, but (1) it’s what I’m doing tonight (besides the homework I will be getting to later) and you like to know those kinds of things, right? and (2) it’s what it would be like if you were hanging out with me tonight, which I am sure you would like to be doing more than your other exciting plans, right?


2 Comments on “guitar”

  1. Alex says:

    Cool karen 🙂 !!! Good Job

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