Today I have been thinking a lot. I worked sound for the Center for Justice and Sustainability’s summit today and last night. It was focused on women’s issues, and I’m just pondering a lot of things, especially the role the church has played in perpetuating serious abuse of women and views of them as inferior, and the role it can play in being an alternative community that values the things that women do, that aren’t often valued by a capitalist society.

I hope to have more coherent thoughts about this later, and I have thinking I want to do especially about the session I went to about the social reinforcement of rigid gender roles that people ingest so much that they respond with violence when their rightful position of control is threatened. And that isn’t an excuse for abusive individuals; it doesn’t let them off the hook, but it might put us on our own hook of reinforcing distorted pictures of masculinity that harm boys’ own development and their future families’ safety. What role does the church have in challenging that picture of masculinity that requires control and power?

I’m thinking a lot.


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