Desktop Background

Sometimes I look at the point that I have reached on the internet (in this case “Ice Cube’s 22 least intimidating photos,” a person I neither care about nor know hardly anything about, not find entertaining) and say to myself, “Self, Enough is enough. You are looking at THE 22 LEAST INTIMIDATING PHOTOS AND A BIT OF COMMENTARY OF A HAS-BEEN RAPPER, TERRIBLE ACTOR, and ALL-AROUND-IRRELEVANT-TO-YOUR-LIFE-PERSON. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Time to finish that paper. Time to get better priorities.”

This is a moment that I like to call a Desktop Background Moment, after something [a friend whose name I am protecting for her dignity. you’ll see what I mean.] and I talked about. Once I saw a super, super random photo, I think of Bieber with a cat or something as her background. I asked her about it, and she told me that it was the point at which she suddenly shaken herself into awareness of what she was doing. Googling Bieber pictures with cats. And she doesn’t even like Bieber.  Or cats. And so she made it her desktop background to commemorate this low, low point and keep her on task. It remained to remind her This is the other option to writing your paper. Something so objectively valueless that it actually sucks value from the room. Significant, meaningful things become slightly more trivial and inane, just by being around this activity. That is the other option. So write your paper.

So, that’s a Wallpaper Background Moment. And I have them sometimes, although probably not often enough.

And now, to close: a picture of the Biebs with a cat:

[Edit: I couldn’t make myself do it. Blech. I googled Bieber with a cat, but couldn’t bring myself to inflict it on you. You’re welcome. Instead, here’s a picture from the latest Hyperbole post. Much better.]


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