A story from yesterday, with a moral:

I am bad at computers, as previously mentioned, I believe. Last night my computer was acting super slow and dumb. So I just opened the Ctrl-Alt-Delete Box (yes, which is what I actually call it, Computer People. I know you’re laughing at me. I’ve accepted it.). And, well, I was desperate, so….I just started deleting processes that seemed unnecessary.

I know, poor choice. Which I realized when my desktop and start bar disappeared and wouldn’t reappear. At that point I realized I shouldn’t just delete things, and used skype to talk to Diana and make her fix my computer. And she did! She is magic! It’s still slower than it needs to be, but it’s better and I have my start bar and desktop.

The moral of the story is, Don’t go around deleting random functions of your computer just because it’s running slow.

The other moral of the story is Diana is magic.


3 Comments on “Computers”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ah, I’ve become rather good at the “deleting random functions”/”computer russian roulette” game. If you ever need some assistance on what’s ok to close and what’s not, I can help you there.

  2. diana says:

    The moral of the story is: it’s hard to troubleshoot without the computer in front of me.

  3. Shirley Keyser says:

    Been there; done that…and learned my lesson. But, the impulse is strong and I have slipped (but not so wildly as before.)

    I will call upon Diana, my dear Granddaughter, when in trouble.


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