Cool Things

(Yeah, I didn’t post yesterday. it’s a bummer, but I just made that goal for myself, so I’m going to claim that I am the most disappointed in this state of affairs.)

Here are some cool things:

-This is a really, really neat stop-motion video

-These are some long, but really fascinating articles by this guy, Michael Lewis, about the financial collapses in Ireland and Iceland (darn, looks like they have shortened that one to just an excerpt, but the other two are still there), but the one that blew my mind the most was the one about Greece, probably because it describes this crazy mindset of cheating that all of Greek society has accepted it seems, and people will always pull me in just a little more than economics, even when described as clearly and fascinatingly as Lewis does. Man, now I want to read them all again instead of doing my homework. boo. But, anyways, they are that good.

-Cyntaur and I and lots of other people at Jewell went to a poetry slam/poetry reading by Javon Johnson (“j-a-v-o-n…..Johnson”) last night. It was so, so good. He was hilarious between poems (seriously, I was cracking up) and thought-provoking and articulate and powerful in the poems. I was so impresssed.

-I have two bloody knuckles from rock climbing, which make me look tough.

-It’s been wonderfully warm the last few days. It’s made me remember that there is a time when you don’t have to feel cold all the time you’re outside. Also: it’s been 18 months since I was last in summer (having spent the entirety of last summer in Lima, where it was grey, chilly winter). That is a long time, yo.

-Here are some cool doodles Cynthia did. (Try to say “cool doodles” a bunch of times in a row. It becomes difficult rapidly. No really, I want you to say it out loud. Do it.)

‘m(wow, that turned out waaaay bigger than I meant. Oh well. )

-I am “working” right now. That means I am sitting here at Gano, letting the music play and being ready to push two buttons to turn on the microphones whenever the next session at Scholar Day starts.


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