I have no funnies from today, just good news: today was quite successful.

-Lab went pretty smoothly.

-I made progress on the 5.7 overhang (a rock climbing route) that’s been killing me for three classes.

-While rock climbing I scraped my knuckles until they bled, which, combined with the chalk all over my hand made me look pretty legit.

-Tutorial went really well. I was reading my essay while waiting, and it sort of dawned on me “Hey, this is a pretty good essay. I like this” and I went in to tutorial and my professor agreed and even more strongly than I thought it. The first part was really, really good, and, although my argument in the second part wasn’t mind-blowing, it didn’t bring me down much. My professor thought it was just a really good essay. Woohoo!

(I justify writing about this stuff that might seem like bragging by the fact that (1) I would probably write about things if they had gone really badly, too, and (2) I’m just really excited that I had that kind of success. I’m not sure that the second point helps anything, but it’s true.)

-Mosaic went really well, although I accidentally typed “gory” instead of “glory” on the slide with the benediction, so we were benedictized a bit…er….violently?   It happens.

-Song of the Day that won’t get out of my head: All of My Days by Alexi Murdoch. Christine put it in my head.


One Comment on “Today”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    Glad for your successful day. We need those. Makes you have hope for many more good days.


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