I just “kant” help it. groan.

I tellin’ you, Cynthia‘s rubbing off on me. My making of bad puns is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend with her, I’m sure of it.

And now I’m copying her in another way; I’m posting a Doodle of the Day. She makes super rad doodles all the time. I dig them. One time she drew the Virgin Mary beating up a lion, instead of taking notes in Spanish class! My doodles occur much less frequently, and of course they are geeky and philosophical, whereas hers are super cool and funny.  Hers would be the cool, artsy, funny kids who everyone likes to be around. Mine…are not. And I’m okay with it.

Anyways. Today in class we were finishing up reading Kant, and the professor made a passing comment something like, “Yeah, Kant is really hard. If you thought reading Kant was like reading as a comic book….well, you’re crazy.” So then that got me thinking about what Kant’s writings would be like as a comic book.Kant is widely considered one of the most obtuse writers of philosophy, although the title of Most Difficult, Brain-Boggling, And Soul-Crushing Writing in Philosophy has been hotly contested by analytic philosophers, determined to take the crown from him.

(By the way, that award is represented by a golden pistol, which readers use to pantomime shooting themselves, or, if really desperate and not satisfied with acting it out, just bludgeon themselves repeatedly in the head. It also has a lighter in the end to set the articles on fire out of frustration. Causing your reader to set your article on fire is a point of pride among a certain set of philosophers, I’m sure of it. What else could explain how they write?)

So, clearly a comic book of Kant’s writing (or a kant-mic book. Punny!) would never have pictures. This is what it would look like:

Final note: I was showing this to Carl after class, and the professor saw it, and instead of getting mad at me for doodling in class, she laughed and told me that she wanted to frame it. Booyah. Coolest prof ever.


One Comment on “I just “kant” help it. groan.”

  1. Your Dad says:

    LOL and good job on getting your prof to want to frame it. You many have to print and frame copies and sell it on your website.

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