Paper Writing

The later it gets and the longer I work on a paper, the less formal and more melodramatic I get. I write things that I know I’ll edit out later just to keep my flow going and to mark that I do want to say something there, albeit in a more formal way. Here’s a sentence I produced:

“The only functional subjectivist with regards to the values that give meaning to life is the deluded/blind/unaware subjectivist. In other words, no philosopher who is convinced that there are no objective values can really “buy into” the subjective values in the way required for an effectively meaningful life. Therefore, no philosophers can believe there is meaning in life or have meaningful lives, but why did they become philosophers if not because they hate happiness?”

And I’m considering putting this comic from xkcd in my paper as an explanatory figure:

Moral Relativity

My professor wouldn’t mind, would she?


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