Music Recommendations and Photos

Don’t get excited; this is not going to be entertaining. I am getting sick, I’ve been oddly overwhelmed with school work, seeing as I’ve handled more than this before without feeling this overwhelmed, and not so many exciting or funny things happen when working on school for long periods of time. So, here are just some things: (yes, you guessed it, a list)

-I’ve really been digging songs by these folks, especially this one (here’s the bulky form, since linking isn’t cooperating  as I’ve felt overwhelmed and tired, but these are good too ( ( WARNING: don’t listen to this next song unless you want it to be stuck in your head for a long while (

-There was a hymn we sang at church that was really challenging and good, and I’ll post the lyrics when I remember the name or find my worship guide.

Here is a photo of Jess rock climbing. It’s really fun, although you wouldn’t guess it from how frustrated I get at certain routes sometimes. But really, it’s rad.

And here is a picture of of the kind of wildly exciting pictures I draw (in Paint!) for my lab reports every week for my science class. Exciting, no?


One Comment on “Music Recommendations and Photos”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    I’m sorry you may be coming down with something…I have noticed that I often feel “down” just before I pop out with a cold.

    God is there and on a sunny day in June, you will forget this.

    Love and a prayer.

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