These statements actually happened:

Carl: “Dog’s eye? No, it’s too small. Eh, it’s too big to be a hamster eyeball., too”  Me: “Maybe a guinea pig?” Carl: “No, maybe it’s a cat eye.”

Carl: “This is exactly like eating a boiled eyeball. I’m sure of it.” Me: “I’m pretty sure it would be easier to to bite through an actual eyeball.”

[Later] Me: “Ick. I feel gross.” Carl: “That’s because you have all of those eyeballs you ate inside of you!”

Conclusion: I’m not a big fan of boba, those slimy tapioca balls that some places put in their fruit smoothie things.

Also: we’ve settled into a tea place for our customary 5 hours of homework in one place that happens at least a once a weekend. Tutorial paper, I’m about to write the heck out of you.


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