Fashion Blogs

Don’t worry, I’m not writing about an actual fashion blog, or any fashion, in particular. Here’s some background: Carl is a guy  in my program, and one of his defining characteristics, if you just want to help someone identify him and get a quick picture of who he is, is his red jeans. They are bright red, and he wears them frequently, and they are awesome.

Some professors don’t feel that way (side note: I’m not going to use profs’ names, since I would rather not get into any trouble, no matter if I’m saying kind things or not. I mean, you’ll probably figure things out, but I’d rather be more careful than less.). One prof gave him scads of trouble every time Carl wore them. He took opportunity to make at least two cracks about the jeans every time he saw Carl in them. However, our new favorite professor of the year approves of Carl’s sartorial boldness…

…and she suggested he start a fashion blog. Can we all take a moment to realize how excellent that would be? So many layered graphic t-shirts, so many new hats. And his roommate Travis could occasionally guest-post with hair tips. Brilliant!

This professor took a moment to explain to us just what an “OOTD” was (‘outfit of the day’) and told us that if you use the same item again (which Carl clearly does) you call it “remixing”.  Here are two thoughts I have about that whole exchange:

1. It would be baller if Carl did start the blog.

2. I love that this professor can go from blowing my mind with her understanding of philosophy, to explaining the recurring features of any good fashion blog without missing a beat. There’s a reason she’s our favorite professor of the year.


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