New Goal:

a post every day that I get on the computer (which means every day, pretty much). They’re not going to be long most of the time. Likely they’ll be just a sentence or two. There might be recurring features like “Philosophy, You Crazy” of the Day. So, here’s the update for the day:

My plan to do the 30 Day Shred workout 30 times in 40 days, and to climb or otherwise work out on the days that I didn’t Shred has fallen by the wayside. I’ve shredded 12 times and climbed once in 3 weeksish. And on another day Jess, Cyntaur, and I played tackle 500 with a softball in the snow. That was a good time. But, I keep plugging away at it on the days that I can motivate myself to shred. I can now quote the vast majority of the Level 1 video with Jillian after doing it 10 times, so I’m glad to have moved up to level 2.

Okay, to make up for that mundane, unentertaining paragraph, I’ll end with a hilarious joke:

“A jillian Michaels? That’s more Michaels than I’ve ever seen before!”



2 Comments on “New Goal:”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    Some of us (I)need an explaination for “shred”. Is it a specific exercise tape?

    Sounds like you are truly working on exercise. Please don’t be too hard on yourself though…is that a discouraging statement…temptation…

    I love Karen.


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