Some Things

1. I am currently tutoring my football boys for Responsible Self. Which means that one is sleeping and one is working on homework and checking football scores. But! I answer one question about Self! That’s about my average. Around the time that papers are due, things get a lot busier around here and I read more versions of the same paper, in various levels, than you can imagine. I can’t imagine being a professor with more than one Self class. That would be a bummer. Things that aren’t a bummer: I’m getting a reputation at the Academic Achievement Center as being someone it’s good to talk to about your paper. I feel good about that.

2. I also feel good about my birthday. It was a busy week, with a tutorial paper, a History of Philosophy paper, finding, applying, and interviewing for a fake job, and leading worship at Mosaic. But it was pretty rad. Cynthia and Jess apparently had collected short notes from tons of my friends, both folks at Jewell and folks far away, and they printed them up on neon pieces of paper, and hid them around campus in places they knew I’d find them. So far I’ve found notes under my pillow, by my desk in one of my classes, in my computer, in the napkin dispenser in the caf, by a classroom door, and more. One of my favorite parts about it is when I find notes from people who don’t go to Jewell, who live far away. I’ll just be walking into the caf, minding my own business, when I find a note with kind words from Abi who lives in Chicago! It’s like she snuck up behind me and gave me a hug, completely out of the blue. So, I feel so loved by Cynthia and Jess making that possible.

And there are lots of other lovely things that people have done for me, including (but not limited to! don’t get mad, anyone!) doing my laundry for me, clothes from JC Penney, buying me flowers, sending me money that I can’t wait to go thrift store shopping with (thanks, Grandma!), and buying me golden grahms and sweet tarts.  It was an odd birthday, having only slept 3.5, 5, 2, and 6 hours that week, and having cranked out intense papers, and having lead worship for the first time at Mosaic. But I dug it. It was a pretty rad birthday. And I hear that there are more surprises coming! I have lovely friends and family.

3. We’re starting to get ready for England next year, which is pretty exciting. Alpern has some mysterious “other option” (we think it’s another college at Oxford) that he’s looking into, so things are up in the air, which makes it more uncertain, but it’s exciting. It’s also sad that we’re going to be apart, a lot of us.

I dunno. I don’t feel like I’m being very articulate and insightful tonight, but that happens sometimes. I’ll have better thoughts sometime.

4. Here are some songs I’ve been listening to lately: this one is obnoxiously bouncy and ridiculous, but it’s Matt and Kim, so I love it. This one is rather long and chill, but that can be perfect to write papers to. And then I’ve loved listening to Bach’s cello suites while writing papers, as well.

Okay. That’s all.


2 Comments on “Some Things”

  1. Shirley A Keyser says:

    Thanks for your news. Love,

  2. Your Dad says:

    Thanks for the update on your birth day and the call on your birth day. Lots of Love

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