Some Highlights

For those folks who are new to the blog, recent posts might indicate that I am super busy these days and take the easy way out of blogging by just putting up ridiculous videos and occasional pictures. In fact, this is a correct conclusion to draw about my life these days.

However, for a glimpse of my summer in Peru, you are welcome to read all the way back through the posts (which would be enlightening, but quite the time commitment), or you can browse this handy collection of highlights, from here.

For a glimpse into my neighborhood and a typical day

Fruit of the Day! This was a series of posts I did about the really cool fruit I tried in Peru that were new to me. Some of them were weirder than weird. Others were new and cool, but not mind-blowingly weird

For an intro to what I thought my job(s) would be like and what they turned out to be

For Serious Thoughts about loving others, about whether to be on time in a culture where lateness is a way of life, about missing people

For much sillyness

For my first few days of adjustment (warning, I was a bit of a mess)

For pictures of people and nature and cute kids

Thanks for visiting the blog!


P.S. Here’s the website (a good portion of the photography by yours truly) for Handmade Mujer, the jewelry business I helped with this summer!


One Comment on “Some Highlights”

  1. diana says:

    What are some highlights of your semester so far?

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