Well, I’m currently in the Atlanta aiport. Which means I’m not in Lima. Which means that it’s really strange.

Well, I’ve already had some adventures today. We are late to the airport in Lima, but we make it okay, although we have to say goodbye to Lindsey at ticketing. That was crazy, realizing that we were despedida-ing each other, too.  But we make it to the flight okay. The flight is really chill. I love Delta’s in flight entertainment, and I sleep fine enough. We make it into Atlanta around 8:30 am. I start talking to my dad about what I have to do to make it to Seattle. He calls AirTran. All of the flights are sold out. Plus I can’t check a bag when I’m flying standby. We figure that Holly’ll just take the one ahead of me to St. Louis as one of her checked bags. Well, a bit of confusion later, and I have sent ahead two of my bags, under my name, which means they might stay in Atlanta, plus I hadn’t meant to send ahead one of them with my clothes in it. So, for the next week I have the clothes I’m wearing and an extra pair of pants that were in my backpack.  Awesome.

But then I had to run to where Holly had gone to her gate to give her my baggage tags. So she talked to them and that worked out okay.

Then I left out of security to buy my standby ticket. The first flight was overbooked by 13, but I bought my ticket anyway. Through security again and make it to my gate.

Well, everyone shows up for their flight. No standby folks make it on. Oh well, I get re-put on standby for the 6:50 pm flight to Seattle. AirTran is having problems today. There are a lot of grumpy people. I’m just chillin’.  Awesome.

So I putter around, take a nap, buy some food.

And then I realize that my phone is dying super fast, and my charger went in the bag that I accidentally sent ahead. And the internet costs here at the Atlanta airport. I have no way to contact anyone, including my uncle who’s going to pick me up whenever I make it. Awesome.

And then I lose my wallet. I don’t know where I left it. So I don’t have any money to pay for a pay phone or internet to contact anyone. Awesome.

So, I wait in line for an hour and a half to talk to AirTran customer service about whether anyone has turned my wallet in. While I’m waiting, I hang out and talk to folks. I get to the front of the line, and find out that, yes, they have found it, but they’ve already sent it to airport lost and found, which is out of security again. So, that’s a big process, but that’s good news.

So, I book back through the airport, and find the lost and found. Which closed half an hour before I got there. I fill out a form and will call tomorrow to get them to send it. Awesome.

Back through security, back through the airport, and back at the gate again. So, I’m ready to board, third on the list, listening to a three year old have a huge meltdown and one of the most ghetto people I’ve heard in a while yell on the phone (Choice phrases include, “Is that how you want to do this, Homeboy? Is that how you’re doin’ this? Really? For real, Homeboy?”  and “I would rather do 100 lines of cocaine before I get back wit’ him.” )

I’m not sure how I’m going to contact my uncle when I get into Seattle. I figure there’ll be free wireless somewhere for me to send an email, or I’ll beg a dollar from someone to use a pay phone. It’ll be a party.

You can’t ever say that traveling with me is not an adventure.

(also: I’m sorry that this is written in present tense. it happened somewhere in the middle, and I went back to the previous stuff and changed it to standardize it. It’s a little funky. And also, it comes across like I’m complaining, but I don’t mean to be. I’m not even upset about any of it. It mostly makes me laugh how ridiculous my life is right now: craziness with bags, bumped off flight, phone dead, lost wallet, etc.)

Update: I was sitting there, praying really hard that I would get on the flight and not have to spend the night and waiting for the next flight, being moneyless and communicationless and starting to get hungry, and the front desk person announced that the 6:50 flight to Seattle was full. Only two standby people got on. I was number three. Guys, that was hard news to hear. I almost broke down crying. That would make things so much more complicated, since my ride would have left by tomorrow, and my grandpa’s so close to dying. I was sitting there, pretty upset, waiting for them to finish up and give me my new standby ticket, when the lady called my name! I was so excited I almost hugged the gate attendant. Apparently a woman on the flight was having a really hard time not panicking about the flight, so she and her husband got off the plane and decided to drive to Seattle, I guess. I’m sorry she was upset, but it was such a huge blessing to make it on the flight. So, thanks, God. And thanks everyone who was praying with me about my travels.

So I’m on the plane now. Whew. God is so gracious.

It seems like my traveling adventures are closer to coming to an end, but worry not, armchair travelers, I still have no money and no way of contacting my uncle to pick me up in Seattle, so more adventures may still be coming down the pike.

Also, please be praying for my grandpa. He’s right at the end right now. Pray that he would have peace and freedom from pain as he goes to be with God. I would also really like to be able to see him one more time, so y’all can pray that God allows him enough time here on this earth for that and be cognizant enough for me to be able to encourage him. Pray for my family, especially my grandma.

Updated update: my grandpa passed away tonight. He is with Jesus.


One Comment on “Today.”

  1. Dad says:

    Beautiful how God in is goodness answered two prayers at the same time 8/21/2010 6:50PM. You got on your airplane bound for Seattle at about the same time your Grandpa Ron got on the train bound for glory. May God’s provision remind you of His eternal goodness. “We have everything we need to live a life that pleases God. It was all given to us by God’s own power.” 2 Peter 1.

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