Last Week

Better quality versions of these photos here:

This is lunch at Basilia and Eliseo’s house in Manchay with the team. I love so many things about them, not the least of which is Basilia’s amazing cooking. I’m sure I’ll tell y’all more later. I’m sick and going to bed shortly.

This will hopefully give you an idea of the kind of area we’re working in, Manchay. Except more dirt. And more houses. And steeper.

It was this little cutie’s 2nd birthday last week! Crazy! I was there when she was born. I feel so old. But we’re good buddies now. Hadassah and I hang out while her mom has to help the team. We go on walks and make our repertoire of 4 faces and look at pictures that I’ve taken and sneak up on people. And her favorite place in the whole wide world is “the slide park.” She gets super, super excited when she sees it. She looks a little skeptical in this picture, but she loves it, actually.

This is my life these final weeks. Every few days I have to make at sets of lists, cross-referenced and categorized, or I feel like everything is spinning out of control and won’t get done. I honestly don’t know how everything is going to get done, between the team and our despedida and finishing getting gifts and dealing with the apartment and getting rid of Susan’s stuff and internship documentation and packing and goodbyes and handing off projects. More mercy. And lists.

But also: I get to hang out with this cutie on a regular basis, so that’s a blast! Her name is Talita, and she belongs to one of the cutest little families I’ve ever seen. In all seriousness, I love watching her parents, Luis and Linda, interact with each other and with her; they engage with each other and especially Talita with such love and excitement and joy. I love it.


3 Comments on “Last Week”

  1. Wonderful photos of the “babies”. Please make List B for things I’m not going to get done before I leave. Move things from list A “I Wish” to list B.

    Love you and understand how you may feel. My whole life has worried over my not being able to get everything done. Guess the undones really haven’t been that important.

  2. Your Dad says:

    I like the talk to God part of your list. Get some of that talking with God done so the rest of the list does not cause too much anxiety.
    Mathew 6:25 “I tell you not to worry about your life. Don’t worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than food or clothing?”
    Isn’t your life much more the finishing all the items on your check list?

  3. […] my friends. Every time crazy amounts of things need to happen, I end up making tons of lists. Like here, photo at the bottom, from my last weeks in Peru, which were just INSANELY busy. These weeks […]

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