Look at these and be amazed!

I have over 400 more pictures where these came from (no joke), so you’ll be getting more as the day goes along, as well as some narrative. And have no fear, I will have those edited down to no more than 60 photos by the time I’m done, I’m guessing. I’m a ruthless editor.

This is quintessential Peru: Inca Kola and gorgeous mountains. Have I told y’all about Inca Kola? It’s the “sabor del Peru”, the flavor of Peru. It’s soda that is bright yellow and kind of tastes like bubble gum, in a non-gross way, somehow. It’s the best.

There is no, no way I could convey in pictures how intense this pass was. The walls were nearly flat, straight up, and staggeringly high. It was the kind of place you could imagine a battle taking place, or, alternately, that they were the walls of an unimaginable huge castle. and the lake was between those walls.

Our tour bus was full of folks from Peru and Colombia, but I think we were the only Americans. It was a pretty fun, chill group to ride around with.

And these are my buddies. It’s a bummer that I cut off their heads, but I love this picture so much that I’m putting it up anyways.


3 Comments on “Look at these and be amazed!”

  1. Dad says:

    Ahh, Ohh, Wowww. Jaw dropping beauty. Thanks for the photos of God’s glorious beauty in Peru.

  2. Dad says:

    My Peruvian doctor friend wants to know where this is so he can go next time he is in Peru.

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