Consider Yourselves Tided-Over

Yep, even in Lima I’m on the look out for good rails to slide down. (This one was not a good one. Bummer.)  Photo credit: Holly. Thanks for the pickyture, dude!

Lima traffic. I’ve despaired of ever really communicating certain things to you in writing or pictures. Some of these things include:  the entirety of Lima traffic, the fact that I’m actually doing work here, Manchay or any of the pueblo jovenes [shanty towns/neighborhoods on the dusty mountainsides of Lima], the comfort I feel in just soaking in the laughter of the girls at House of Glory, the constantly changing combination of excited and frustrated and tired and happy and acomplished and many other things I feel these days, how miserable some grey days are in Salamanca, and the changing ways I am interacting with the internet these days. (actually, I might give that one a try pretty soon here. With words, not with pictures.)

BUT! Holly did a pretty great job with photo, no? I don’t usually take my camera because it’s big and obvious and expensive and I really would prefer not to get robbed, as a general rule.  So, again, big ups to Holly for her small-camera-having skills and mad photo skillz.

And here I am. I like the ocean. I like cliffs. I like green things. I like this picture.

Love and trying to describe the indescribable and take pictures of the real Sense of something (with little success),



4 Comments on “Consider Yourselves Tided-Over”

  1. Mom says:

    You rock, kid!

  2. tedenrice says:

    DANGIT! The pictures are a funny width. You should just click on them to see them how they should be.

  3. Dad says:

    That was a nice bite size insight into your life. I love the photo at the park. Fun and artzzzzzy.

  4. Diana says:

    Oooohhhh…. New background I like.

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