The Most Recent Reason That Karen Should Not Be Allowed To Be A Grown Up Award goes to…this blue felt tip pen that has spread its lovely blue color all over my white (and other colors– let’s be honest, I don’t sort my clothes) clothes through the magic of a washing machine trip.

The Information People Should Probably Know To Help Them Understand My Currently Level of Communicativeness Award goes to…the fact that we don’t have internet in the apartment anymore. We probably will get a internety guy (yes, that’s the technical term) to plug into our computers soon, but for now, it’s catch as catch can.

The Most Impressive (/Only) Ruins Karen Has Seen So Far In Peru Award goes to…the ruins at Pachacamac (pach-a-CAM-ack) (or as Holly likes to say it “pack-ah-HACK-a-mac” in a super flat American accent, which never fails to send me into gales of laughter. It’s Paulo’s new nickname for her.). They were pretty cool and brought out my inner history geek. Pictures to come soon, I’m sure.

The Clothing Item Most Needed By Karen Award goes to…this new pair of jeans I bought today, with the help of Lindsey and Holly. We all know that I can’t be trusted to buy clothing on my own, so big thanks to them! They made it practically painless,and it was very necessary.  I had gotten rips in three pairs of jeans, so I felt like it was time.

The Intern Catch Phrase Award goes to… “I’m just going to be honest…”  We say it all the time. It’s good stuff.

The Excellent Family Members of the Day Award goes to… Dad and Susan! It’s their birthday! They are excellent and I love them a lot. I’m sad I couldn’t be there for their birthdays , but I’m getting more and more excited about Susan coming with the New City team in August. I tell everyone about the fact that she’s coming, including random taxi drivers and ruins guides. They are all quite happy for me.

The Prayer Requests of the Day/Week Award goes to… (eh, I can’t make this work in this format, so I’m just going to write what you can be praying for me about) Would you be praying that I continue to learn my dependence on God and use that to go to Him in prayer. Also, serious post coming about this soon, but huge thanks to God for answering my prayers about prayer meeting! It was so, so excellent, and so unexpectedly so on Wednesday! Praise Him for His faithfulness!

The Obnoxious Form of Blogging That Probably Won’t Be Coming Back Award goes to…the award format! It’s a bit awkward and I probably won’t do it again, unless the content really seems to beg for it. Thanks for putting up with my whims!

Love and silly ways of communicating information,



5 Comments on “Awards”

  1. K Keyser says:

    You are such a clever girl. I like your whims! 🙂

  2. Your Dad says:

    If ink on cloths is a reason not to grow up, I guess I should not have had a birthday today. On Tuesday I put an open felt tip pen in my pocket. 20 minutes later I noticed a big black on my nice Lands End shirt pocket right at the tip of the pen.

  3. I love the blogging style and your wordings.

    I wonder what awards I could think up for MY day.

    Looking forward to your Mom, Nancy 12, and Susan 16 today coming to visit next week. Yay! Sorry you won’t be making the trip this summer.


  4. Jess says:

    I think it works 🙂

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