A Very Listy List

I don’t know what all to say to give y’all a sense of my life currently. Mostly I’m just hanging out and plugging away on projects.  I think it’s list time again.

1. We’re settling in to life as the three of us interns. It’s a good time. Mom asked me if we keep late hours, and I asked her what “late” meant. So, I guess we keep late hours. It’s just nice to be around each other. Also, we’ve started doing our own version of Honesty Hour, which we usually call Intern Honesty Time. It’s a good time. What is not a good time: waking up in the morning. Our beds are so warm and the floors are so cold and the days are so grey and the night before was so late. It’s rough.

2. Most of the things I’m doing these days (setting up the Handmade Mujer [jewelry microbusiness ministry] website and catalog, revising the songbook, and hanging out with folks) are not super photogenic or glamorous. BUT! The catalog is ready to order and it’s Legit! Here is the cover. We haven’t ordered the catalogs yet (that’ll happen tomorrow), so if y’all have last minute suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them. I don’t take offense at almost any suggestion; my identity is not defined by my design skills, such as they are. So anyway, this is the kind of thing I’ve been working on.

And this is what my desktop always looks like while I’m working. I always have a zillion tabs and windows open. For the songbook I have the files ready to be opened, the file into which I’m pasting the lyrics, and the list of the order they go in. Plus Google Chrome (product placement!) open to youtube for music (I miss Pandora), plus email, plus whatever else. One time, Susan (or S-dawg, as she is sometimes known) looked at my screen, saw how many windows I had open, and said, “I thought computers only did that when they had a virus.” So, apparently I do the same things to a computer as a virus. Booyah. Another thing to put on my resume.

3. What God is teaching me… Hmm. I’m learning to turn to Him when I’m upset and to try to figure out what is going on inside me before Him, instead of acting on whatever impulse comes into my head or talking to other people about it first. And…many more things, I hope.

4. I speak in Spanglish all the time.  The Spanish word comes into my head first, and I just feel like saying it, not remembering the English word. I’m going to be obnoxious to talk to when I get back if you don’t speak Spanish. Also: ask me sometime about why I like the Spanish words “faltar” and the slang “pan con huevo”. They’re great.

5. I remain very, very excited about the moms and kids at House of Glory. And the tutoras. They are silly and affectionate and cute (all of them! it’s amazing) and show each other love well. I miss them when I don’t get to hang out with them.

6. The 4th of July did not happen this year. I’m not sure if you’re aware of that. Well, it may have happened for you, but it did not for me. It was grey and I thought I was going to die of cold in church and I got kind of sick until I slept it off and then spent 5 hours waiting for/hanging out with/standing around with/going to the arcade with/standing around deciding some more/going for food/standing around and deciding what food to get/waiting for/going home with our neighbor Leah and the youth group boys. Its was not the fourth of July, regardless of what the calendar said.     So, I don’t feel sad because I missed out, because I don’t think it happened.  Makes any sense? Probably not.

Love and the fact that I danced! with a Boy!,



4 Comments on “A Very Listy List”

  1. Mom says:

    1. Intern Honesty Hour – good.
    1b. Going to bed “late” – could be better.
    2. Much of ministry, and in fact living, is not glamorous or photogenic. That is why we take way more pictures of children and not adults. Nevertheless what we adults do is still necessary, and might I even suggest somewhat important.
    2b. Very cool cover of the catalogue (that’s the British spelling since you will be going to Oxford.)
    2c. Too much multi-tasking.
    3. Important lessons we all could use.
    4. I wish I could speak Frenglish. Unfortunately, no words come into my mind like that. I am a blank slate.
    4b. Why do you like the words “faltar” and “pan con huevo”? Because faltar is a cross between fall and altar, which is where you should head when you fall? Because bread with eggs is good for breakfast?
    5. I am glad you have something to look forward to, hanging with the House of Glory folks.
    6. The 4th of July DID happen….so far three times this week! It’s happening right now in our neighborhood. It may take a whole week for us to be done with July 4.
    7. We had backyard Bible club tonight. Nice group of kids.
    8. WHY did you dance! with a boy? WHERE did you dance! with a Boy? WHEN did you dance! with a boy? WHO was this boy with whom you danced! WHAT did you dance! with a Boy?
    9. Keep writing, and texting, and Skyping, and phoning, and praying, and believing.


    • tedenrice says:

      4b. “Faltar” means “to lack” and it’s so handy. When you’re getting ready to go somewhere, you ask “who do we lack?” or if you’re cooking you ask “what does this recipe lack?”. It’s just a handy word. Anne’ Langhorne’s with me on this one.

      More replies later….

      • tedenrice says:

        8. I danced with a boy at Susan’s despedida. His name was Aldo, which makes me laugh. It was really, really awkward. BUT! Holly took a video, and the girls at House of Glory laugh at it so much, so something good came out of it. =]

  2. Thanks for describing more of your current life.
    Love you.

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