House of Glory

As per Grandma’s request and for general knowledge, I’ll write about House of Glory.

House of Glory is a home for at risk pregnant teen girls and their babies. “At risk” for this group means that they are at risk for living on the streets, or some have been abandoned and are living on the streets. We aren’t made aware of the particular situation of each girl who is there, but in general, they come from situations of abuse, or they have been sent from the countryside by their families to work in Lima, but then are abused and abandoned.  They come to the House of Glory through the Peruvian equivalent of “Child and Family Services”, and they are usually at the end of their rope.

At the House of Glory, they are cared for, receive love and 24-hour care by tutoras, learn how to take care of their babies, have classes, receive counselling, and, above and through everything else, are told and shown the love of Jesus for them.

Currently there are three moms and their babies, and one girl who just came this week (praise God!) who is six months pregnant. When we’re there during the week, we watch the babies while the moms have school upstairs. We also teach (er, Holly teaches, and I help) English one afternoon a week. Then, on Saturdays, like today, we go over and do a fun activity. Most of the time is spent just hanging out, sp

Oh guys. I can’t even tell you how faithful God is. Some days the girls have bad days and some days the babies cry all day and some hurts are deep and take time to heal and the leaders and tutoras are not perfect, but God is so good. Three of the four girls have responded to Jesus’ love and become Christians, and the change in their hearts from the consistent, challenging, patient love shown by the tutoras and volunteers is so obvious. They are safe and loved and learning how to love their babies. What a staggering expression of God’s love. It’s been just fantastic to be a part of. Please be praying for them.

(I can’t put photos of the girls’ faces on here to protect them, but the babies are cute beyond compare.)


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