Picture Time!

In lieu of a blog about Serious, Meeting Human Needs Stuff or Fruit of the Day (although I did try one! get excited!) or Deep Thoughts, here are some pictures! Don’t be angry.  (also: sometimes I worry that you guys won’t think I’m working or making a difference. I can’t vouch for the difference part yet, but I am working pretty hard. Sometimes it hard to capture that with a picture. So, I’ll write about that soon, but, I dunno, don’t think I’m just goofing off.)

It’s my buddy Hadassah and her mom, Lori. Them’s is some of my favorite people.

This is the school where we have church. And one of the 17,000 stray dogs.  They are everywhere. This one is actually kind of cute. Most of them are mangy and slightly terrifying. But they always have some agenda, it seems. They are always jogging somewhere with a purpose, not just meandering. So, either they are jogging or they are lying there. That part has less agenda.

Artsy Photo of the Day (it’s not the best photo, but I do love it when the sky is blue [which is so rare, sadly] and they buildings are colorful.)

Game night! With Saul and Paulo and Susan and Holly and I. We played slapping games. You can see the tension on their faces.

Okay, dude-elbugs (see what I did there? Clever!) this is the post you get for today. But! News!

1. Lindsey is here! The third and final intern! Booyah! It’s gonna be a fun time with all three of us.

2. There’s a new girl at House of Glory! Please join me in thanking God for bringing her here, and please pray for her (and all the girls) that they would experience Christ’s love and the healing of their deep hurts as they learn to care for their babies, pre and post birth.

Peace out, yo’s.


4 Comments on “Picture Time!”

  1. Mom says:

    I have no worries that you are working hard. Rest is part of God’s plan too, you know!

  2. Tell more about Glory House. Have you already done that and I missed it? What’s your part there? friendship? encouragement?

  3. Renee says:

    D’ahhhh… Babies.

  4. Your Dad says:

    Praying that God’s peace and love will grip your heart.

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