Fruit of the Day #2: Tuna!

UPDATE: I totally forgot the part that makes me seem so much more legit! The tuna is the fruit of a cactus! Booyah! I’ve eaten a cactus fruit. See, I told you I would seem more legit.

It’s not just a fish anymore! Here the fish is atun (ah-TOON) and the fruit is tuna. Here’s what we’re getting ourselves into today:

I had to wait until Susan came home to tell me how to eat this guy. Take a bite? Peel it? Cook it? (Remind me to tell you about the time Mrs. Victor fed us raw plantains and it was weird and gross.) Turns out, you cut off the ends, make a slice down the side, and peel off about a centimeter thick of the skin and first layer.

And then you eat the middle.

Results: the flavor wasn’t very strong, just slightly sweet, in a fruit-y way. Not bad, but not addicting either. The texture, I must say, was not great, to my sensibilities. Susan said that this particular tuna was not the best; it was more mealy that you would want one. But that issue aside, there are also these hard seed things that I want to bite and make them break, but they don’t break. So, kind of like watermelon seeds. It was surprising, but not bad, once you realized what was going on.

Conclusion: I would like to try something that is tuna-flavored to see what they do with it (maybe have it in a smoothie-type drink), but I don’t have a burning need to buy it all the time. It’s just pretty bland, flavor-wise.

(p.s. on further thought, I’ve decided that I do indeed like granadillas. I remain steadfast, however, in my belief of its oddity.)


2 Comments on “Fruit of the Day #2: Tuna!”

  1. Dad says:

    Your blog makes it easy expirence your time in Lima with you. Lots of love and keep bloggin’ Dad

  2. […] cool fruit I tried in Peru that were new to me. Some of them were weirder than weird. Others were new and cool, but not mind-blowingly […]

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