Fruit of the Day

In a new, possibly recurring segment, I document how Operation Try Weird Fruits is going.

Our inaugural edition, I am going to try to convey to you the aggressive weirdness of the…..Granadilla (grahn-ah-DEE-yah, for those of you who don’t speak Spanish).

This fruit is a favorite of everyone’s favorite missionary/housemate/knower-of-all-things-Peruvian-that-interns-might-want-to-know Susan Crenshaw, so I figured it’d be pretty good. …And I don’t not hold that opinion now, exactly. I just also hold the opinion that it is one of the more aggressively weird things I’ve ever eaten. And I ate raw octopus in lime juice just yesterday, so I know what I’m talking about…

Okay, so at first glance, it seems like your regular orange variation, right? Roughly the same size and shape, maybe a little smoother skin… Enough of the outward inspection, though.

The first sign of a difference from expectations pops out as you dig your thumb into the skin and peel it off, like you would an orange. What is this? it seems to be a seed of some kind. It seems a bit…slimy? No matter, let us press on to the Innards (to use the technical term).

What is this? It is filled with sac-like sliminess? And egg looking things? Who told me this was a fruit?!? At this point, anyone want to take a guess at what it tastes like, as you prepare to scoop out the seeds with a spoon and eat them? Any guesses? Well, the slimy stuff is….(*drumroll*) sweet! And slimy. And the egg things are…(*drumro– HOLD THE PRESSES! Texture alert! They are crunchy. Crunchy. Think about it. Slimy with crunchy. And, back to the flavors, sour-ish.

I know. The mind and taste buds boggle.

And yet, by the time you finish… Do you almost like this? How can you not hate this? Except, I mean, you can’t Handle it, but maybe you like it.

And to finish of this Tour De Weird, the skin (which you don’t eat) is thick and bready and has fingerlings that stick out. Of course. Nothing else would do for a granadilla, than to have things that look like sea anemonies on the inside.

How gloriously weird. Try it some time, y’all.

Coming Soon on Fruit of the Day: Tuna (not a fish), the cactus fruit! That’s right, I’m legit like that and eat things that grow on cacti. Booyah.


8 Comments on “Fruit of the Day”

  1. Kathy says:

    Okay, a fruit that looks like fish eggs inside and a science projects in the cavity….definitely qualifies for Weird.

  2. cyntaur23 says:

    The weird things inside it look like jalapeño slices in the third picture.

  3. I wonder if this is like what we called sour-sop in Africa. It tasted kind of like a slimy sour apple. Does that describe it????

  4. Diana says:

    1. I agree that’s a really weird fruit.
    2. You still want us to try it?
    3. Your “about” page needs personization
    4. The header of the blog is hard to read with that picture behind it. You should make the letters white or something.

  5. Rick Salisbury says:

    We had some of these- I liked them OK.

    I am an old friend of your dad from medical school. Will be travelling home via Lima on Wed. with 6 other members of my church. We are in Arequipa. We have a long wait in Lima and don´t want to sit in the airport- do you have any recomendations on something to do?

  6. Marlene says:

    Can I just express how much I enjoyed your narration of the above-pictured gastronomical adventure? (“What is this?”…) (…”Think about it. Slimy with crunchy.”) AH!

    Informative, but oh so jovially – and juicily, too. PROPS.

  7. […] This was a series of posts I did about the really cool fruit I tried in Peru that were new to me. Some of them were weirder than weird. Others were new and cool, but not mind-blowingly […]

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