Salamanca, Lima, Peru (my neighborhood)

I thought y’all might like a look at my neighborhood, just to get a sense of where I am. Unfortunately, my camera is big and obvious, so I thought I’d go up to the roof and take some pictures from there. But then I felt like a total creeper. But, I got the pictures I needed and snuck down.

The photo above is the corner across from our apartment. Also, this photo illustrates one of the many old VW bugs that still tool around the streets of Lima. Not gonna lie, I kind of want one.

This is a bus/combi/taxi/whatever stop. I took these pictures today (a Sunday) and this is the least busy I’ve ever seen it. I’ll have to take a picture some weekday during rush hour. It’s insane.

Artsy picture. Don’t judge.

Another one.

The blue and yellow building is Plaza Vea, the grocery store where we get our ridiculously cheap groceries and wonderful apricots (my current obsession. I’ve had four today. They’re just so good and little and addicting.)

Okay, y’all (my use of ‘y’all has increased dramatically the past few weeks. I’m not sure what my deal is.) Some other things:

  1. I taught Kid’s Church today, and, after all of my preparation to teach in Spanish, I almost didn’t have to. There were only four kids, and the first three to come were missionary kids, who all spoke English. I was ready to switch to English, but another kid came, who only spoke Spanish, and the lesson continued as planned. It went really well, me reading from my script I had written for myself and improvising when necessary. The kids were good and cute, and it was encouraging to get through it really smoothly.
  2. We went to eat and chill out at a park after church in a rather touristy part of town, and got approached approximately every 10 minutes by folks asking us to buy stuff or just give them money. I tend toward having too cold a heart and Holly tends towards having too soft of a heart, so it was stressful for both of us. But at the grocery store this afternoon, I bought a big bag of hard candy to give to the kids, instead of money which will probably just be taken to their parents or whoever they’re working for.
  3. I was sick and now I’m better.

Love and creeper photos,



3 Comments on “Salamanca, Lima, Peru (my neighborhood)”

  1. Nice photos. Glad to see where you are.

    I love that the S.S. prep paid off…in Spanish.

    The candy may work, but in Africa I have become “mobbed” when I handed out pencils and ended up in tears. Scary.


  2. Mom says:

    Good job, Karen. We enjoyed visiting Regency Park in Oxford. Great town. Countryside was awesome. Tim did well driving on the left side. Arrived in Chicago but our flight got cancelled so we stayed in a hotel and just arrived in St. Louis this morning. Tim helped a passenger with chest pain in the Chicago airport so we were treated to a 1st class upgrade…..however on the 45 min. flight to St. Louis that just meant our drinks got served in a glass and we got pretzels. Oh well…..

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