Why Is It Midnight?

Today Holly and I ventured downtown by ourselves on our day off to see the Plaza de Armas, which is the plaza with the Presidential Palace and the oldest cathedral in South America.

We hailed a taxi, haggled about price and took off through downtown.  I promise that next time I’m in a taxi during the day, I’ll pull out my camera and take a picture of the cars and combis and people and taxis that are all literally less than 6 inches away at times.

The Plaza de Armas and old downtown Lima is so different from the rest of Lima. It’s ornate and refined, in a way that the rest of Lima (at least the part we live in) just isn’t.

So, we hopped out of the taxi in the Plaza de Armas, and went in to check out the Cathedral. I’ve been there before, but like the last time, I was just staggered by the amount of work that people put into that building.  And like before, I wondered how this huge, ornate, expensive building related to God. Did the people who built it see their work as a direct offering to God, or did they see it as a monument to themselves? Some of these huge altars were donated by rich folks, and they have their names all over them. How honoring is that to God? But then I was thinking about my motivation and thoughts as I set up the chairs every week for church. Do I really view that as an offering to God? I will try to next week. The plastic chairs in a school courtyard are my cathedral. Huh.

(They don’t kid around with their doors. They were massive.)

Okay, the computer is about out of battery, so I’m going to go, but I’m babysitting at the Ward’s (sara’s in the States) (the kids are doing homework, so I’m not neglecting them), so I might locate a powercord and write more later.

Also to come later: people trying to rip us off because we’re gringas, and guys wanting my email address. Fun times.

Love and days off,



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