Good News and Good News that Feels Terrible

Good news: God answers prayers.

Good news that feels terrible: He especially answers the prayers along the lines of, “Please humble me today.”

Turns out, maybe I should think through that more before I pray it. As I walked to Casa de la Gloria today to take care of the babies while their moms have classes upstairs, I prayed that God would humble me and use me to help the girls. I even told him that might mean that I fail miserably at taking care of the kids (something I usually think I’m pretty good at), but I did ask that it not disturb the girls’ schooling upstairs, if that was possible.

God answered.

  • I think I’m good at watching kids (i.e. I can calm them down and get them through crying spells). In Peru, they do things very differently (i.e. nurse the baby whenever he or she cries, don’t give the babysitter a chance to work through it), and the girls got really upset when the teacher wouldn’t let them come down to comfort their baby. So, I was bad at something I thought I was good at.
  • I really wanted to help make school easy for them. Well, the babies crying and conflicts about the moms coming down to comfort them caused pretty big conflicts between the teacher and the girls. So, failed at something I was trying to do.
  • I wanted God to use me to show or teach the girls something. I was thinking along the lines of, “how to care for infants really well and how to be beautiful while doing it” (just kidding about the second part). God was thinking something along the lines of “how to handle it with a little bit of grace when you have been trying to take care of three screaming babies, feel responsible for creating conflict (which you hate), and get so overwhelmed that you start crying once you get a bit of a break”. God answered my prayer, and He did use me to show the girls something (at least Susan assures me He did), but, again, it was in a way that clearly showed it was Him and not me.

So, y’all. I’m going to post more about the practical stuff of my life in a later post, as well as trying to take some photos that give you a sense of where I am, but this is just to encourage you that God does answer prayer. And sometimes it feels really messy and humbling.

Love and more humbling every day,



3 Comments on “Good News and Good News that Feels Terrible”

  1. cyntaur23 says:

    Recognizing is growing.

    • I pray that prayer so seldom…because I know God answers prayer….but I should pray it more often.

      “Humble yourself and He will lift you up,” the Bible encourages.

      So, look for being lifted up, dear karen.

  2. kathy rice says:

    Glad that you can recognize God’s hand (pruning, though it may be) in your trials and tribulations!!
    Love always,

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