How To Be

I don’t know How to Be, tonight. Or Which to be, of the many things to be. So…bullet points/lists it is again. Don’t get whiplash from the various tones/emotions/whatevers.

1. Today I: had my nails painted and hung out with the chicas and babies from Casa de la Gloria. It was chill and good. I also ate delicious food. Again. It’s the bomb. (New goal: be able to cook at least two Peruvian dishes and make a lunch for Enrique and Martha and Romina and Gianella before we leave.) Went to a meeting to prepare for the teams who are coming. Babysat the Berry kids, who I love, but who gave me the run-around this time. Ah well, next time I’ll be a bit tougher.

2. First two solo taxi rides. Not gonna lie, the second one, the one where the driver had to let the car coast down the street a ways before it could even s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e to life, was a bit of an adventure. The windshield wipers weren’t encouraging either. And neither was the fact that at one point he put on his seatbelt, but mine seemed to me missing a buckle. But don’t worry, y’all, I’m fine.

3. I find myself running to and depending on God less as I’m not smashed face-to-face with my failures so regularly. So, just pray that I would love God, not just want to love God. And continue to pursue Him, regardless of emotion. Here’s what’s true: He’s good, and I am not. I am acceptable through Jesus’ death in my place. He want to make me more like Himself, and that is the highest call for my life. I dunno much else, but those are things I believe.

4. Everyone who lives in this apartment has the middle name of Elizabeth. Booyah.

5. I need to go to bed, but I like sitting around and talking to the people with the middle name of Elizabeth who live here. Tomorrow: Church, maybe playing with the band, 3rd Anniversary of Luz de Vida, selecting designs for the jewelry business, photographing them, and maybe exploring Lima some more.

Love and sketchy taxis,



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