Photos! Booyah!

I’m continually amazed by the creativity and beauty expressed when Holly and Sara and the girls at Casa de la Gloria get their hands on beads and string. Here are some of their designs. A lot of my work is getting to photograph this gorgeous jewelry and organize it so people can order it and support Casa de la Gloria. Woohoo!

Here is a food picture for my father. He is famous for taking pictures of his food, and I love him, so here is a picture of a typical breakfast for me: drinkable yogurt and cereal. It’s good stuff, I promise. I also promise to take pictures of some of the amazing food we’ve been having that’s more specifically Peruvian.

Here is the view out of our window. It looks deceptively green out there. People do care for their parks quite a bit, but, still, we are in a desert, so things are pretty dusty here.

So, finally! Pictures! More to come, I’m sure.


3 Comments on “Photos! Booyah!”

  1. kathy rice says:

    Good job, Karen! You get to use your photography skills. Enjoy!

  2. Jess says:

    those look great! how did you get them to work?

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