Another Day, Another List

1. Hey, guys.

2. It’s been such a lovely day today, weather-wise. In the 70’s and sunny, with some blue sky showing. Y’all will have to remind me of days like these when it gets colder and gray all the time. Icky.

3. This morning I was at work by 8 am. Booyah! I like being productive. I was doing my admin time with Susan this morning, so I searched dozens of really crummy and obnoxiously-made websites for coloring pages for Culto Infantil (Kid’s Church. I know, I thought the “culto” part was sketchy, too. But it’s not. Don’t worry about it, y’all.) Have y’all ever tried to find a kid’s coloring picture for the parable of the great feast? It’s hard, yo. I ended up using a picture of the Last Supper, whiting out the words and writing my own. Upside though! I got to see a coloring page of “Joseph Smith receiving the Word of God from God and Jesus” or something. Wrong website. Oops. Actually, it was kind of disturbing to think about kids innocently coloring away and being indoctrinated with things that aren’t true. I guess that’s what people might think about what we teach kids, but still…

4. (That was getting too long for one number on a list, so I arbitrarily started a new one) Anyway, once I found those pictures, plus some multiplication tables Susan needed to teach the girls at Casa de la Gloria, I set off on my adventure entitled Karen Goes To The Copy Shop. Actually, it wasn’t much of an adventure, but I did feel independent and stuff as I trekked across the huge pedestrian bridge and down it and past the combi “station” and through the dirt and past the university and to the copy shop. (I made that sound a lot longer than it really was. I’m okay with it.)  The folks at the copy shop are super legit, though. Everything was super professional and cool looking, to a person who begs and pleads with the copier to work at home, and is regularly surprised when it does. So, then I walked the copies back and worked on organizing a stuffed file cabinet (whew. Who knew how to spell “cabinet”? I sure didn’t.) full of Sunday School, training, youth group, prayer, and VBS stuff. And a tube of toothpaste. Solid morning, although I have some more work to do on the file cabinet. I hope to upload pictures soon, but that’s it’s own bullet point, at least, if not whole post.

5. I located a small backpacking guitar in Susan’s apartment, and it’s my new best friend. I played Susan and Holly to sleep the other night. (actually, not to sleep, more like to a just-before-sleep-but-very-relaxed-state on the couch. then made them get up and go to bed.)

6. Every trip to Plaza Vea is an adventure for Holly and I. Susan always asks us, “What’d you get?” when we come back, and we can never tell her. So, this last trip, I bought something that looked like bacon, to eat for breakfast. Peruvians eat a pretty light breakfast, and their big meal is a lunch at 2 or later, so I knew I needed something with a bit more protein than cereal if I was going to be eating lunch then. Anyway, I bought this thing that I thought was bacon and cooked it this morning. It is not bacon. i tried the whole shopping thing again this morning, armed with my newfound knowledge of the word for bacon (“tocino”) and knowledge that the other thing is not bacon, I returned victorious! Tomorrow morning, I shall start my day with a Cardinal sandwich, more or less, except with better bread, fresher eggs, and a different kind of cheese. Booyah.

7. My brain/Susan/Holly/common sense said this to me yesterday, “Karen, you’re going to be living here for 2 more months. This is not like the other times when you were with a team and every minute is filled with activities that you just go with the flow on. They give you free time. And eventually Susan is going to leave. You should probably start figuring out places that you like to go, and how to get there. You do not want to be housebound once she leaves.” And so our adventures of discovering new places in Lima are beginning! It’ll be fun, and I’ll keep you updated. (I don’t want to get ahead of myself or anything, but the idea of hang gliding has been suggested….  Hang gliding! Think of it! ’cause I totally am.) Mostly though, we’re talking about finding coffee shops and parks etc. If any of y’all have been to Lima or have heard of cool places in Lima, please let us know!

8. I like you all a lot. I hope this wasn’t too dauntingly long.

9. Love and lists,  Karen (did I use that last time? I hope not.)


3 Comments on “Another Day, Another List”

  1. kathy rice says:

    1. I love you.
    2. Adventurous eating can be ummmmmm… interesting. What was the faux bacon?
    3. I love you.
    4. Hang gliding = dangerous.
    5. I love you.
    6. Down time = wisdom.
    7. I love you.
    8. Be blessed and be a blessing.


  2. Diana says:

    Um, you should totally hang glide. That would be sooooo cool. Maybe you could do it in tandem with someone who knows what they are doing. As part of the catalog you should include What buying different amounts of jewelry will buy. Like on the ordering page say $5 will buy formula for a week, $50 will buy Sunday dresses for all the girls. or something along those lines.

    • tedenrice says:

      If it happens it’ll be tandem. Plus, you’re sitting, not laying down, Susan said. Bummer, but it would still be sweet .

      Good idea about the catalog, although I’ll have to find out if they keep that kind of detailed accounting. Probably, but I just need to find out.

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