Things I Learned Today (now yesterday)

1. I learned, or more accurately, realized to a greater degree, through the orientation for House of Glory just how much pain and brokenness are in the lives of the girls who come to there, and how much love and commitment it takes to be a part of their lives and love them through the aftermath of the hardest part of a really rough life into a new future. And how miraculous the work God has done already really is. More mercy.

2. I learned how many different articles of clothing babies wear, through sorting tons of baby and maternity clothes that were donated with Holly. (To clarify, Holly was not donated with the clothing, she helped with the sorting. Word placement, shmerd placement) They wear socks and handmittens (I know that isn’t a word, but I kept calling them that all day) and weirdo little bonnets and other hats and sometimes shoes (which is silly) and onesies and jackets and everything.  Plus, maternity clothes…. there has to be a better way to do that.

3. I learned (more like decided, but I wanted to keep it within the list format) that every time I go to Plaza Vea (the grocery store down the street) I’m going to get a fruit that I’ve never tried before and have no idea what it is, and eat it.

4. I have a lot to learn about prayer from Peruvians. We went to a prayer meeting, in which everyone went around and prayed. For almost two hours straight. All in Spanish. And I zoned in and out. I tried trying to understand and pray with them, I tried praying my own prayers in my head, I tried praying again. By the end I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. And my view that I know the best way to do things came out. I kept thinking, “If we all just split into small groups, everyone could still pray for over five minutes, but we’d get done a lot faster.” But the point isn’t to get done. It’s to spend time in God’s presence with each other. But I could barely handle it. I had more to repent of after the prayer time than before.  More mercy.

Okay, that’s what I learned, at least in part. What is God teaching you these days?

Love and long prayers,


p.s. At least once every update, you get to see how ugly my sin is. Are you sure I was the one you meant to support coming to Lima? Those account numbers for MTW sure are easy to mix up…


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