Job Description. Booyah.

Tips for Life From Karen Rice, In Case You Happen to Be In These Hypothetical Situations:

1. If you go on summer internships for which you will be getting credit at school, read through the requirements that the school stipulates.  Preferably before you leave.  If you don’t, you might realize that now you have to keep three journals, one with hours and technical stuff for school, one for stuff between you and God, and one to sort of pre-write a blog you may or may not be keeping.

Also, you might realize that you have to have a job description. And you might never have written one before. So, you might decide to look at your job and then describe it for your job description. And that might be right, or might not be right at all. And you might write something like this and put it on your blog so that people could tell you if it really was a job description and so that they would know what you were up to:

Student’s Responsibilities:

Five areas of service: Handmade Mujer, Music Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Casa De La Gloria, and short-term teams.

Handmade Mujer

-Assist in creating a website and catalogue for a new microbusiness ministry that helps Peruvian women make jewelry and sell it to customers in the U.S.

This will include:

  • logo design
  • photographing jewelry and production process
  • writing descriptions of ministry and each piece of jewelry
  • communicating with team (website designer, women who are making jewelry, coordinator of ministry, etc.)
  • designing catalogue
  • making promotional materials (catalogue, pamphlets, etc.)

-Will be directly supervised by Sara Ward

Children’s Ministry

-Oversee the continued running of the Children’s Ministry

  • recruit volunteers to cover infant care and teaching elementary school age kids
  • make sure volunteers have the materials to teach and/or care for the kids and infants

-Will be trained by Susan Crenshaw and supervised by Sara Ward after her departure

Casa De La Gloria

-Support the mission of the ministry.  Duties may include:

  • watching the babies during the mothers’ lessons
  • assisting with the ESL class
  • helping with preparation, service, and clean up for  special events

-Will be directly supervised by Amanda Ross until her departure, and then ?

Short-term Teams

-Prepare for the short-term teams’ arrival from the U.S. by

  • meeting with the leadership and communicating with the team leaders about each group’s priorities and goals
  • arranging logistics (transportation, food, translation, lodging, projects, materials for projects)

-Assist with the teams during their stay, which may include

  • going to work sites with teams
  • conducting debriefs to reflect on the experiences of the day
  • acting as translator when necessary

-Will be directly supervised by Jim and Sara Ward

Music Ministry

-Assist with planning, rehearsal, and performance of music for weekly church services and other church-related events

-Revise and proofread new version of song book for church use

-Will be directly supervised by Jim Ward

And then people might hate you for writing such long blog posts. But you wouldn’t worry about it too much.

…in case this ever happened. Hypothetically.


6 Comments on “Job Description. Booyah.”

  1. Melissa Hartwell says:

    I’m sorry. You must be confused. You listed the job description for 5 people. Not one!!

    You are amazing Karen Rice!

  2. cyntaur23 says:

    It’s not as long as it seems. Double spacing and bullets are tricky little guys.

    Karen, that seems like a lot, but I know you can handle it. God will help you.

    Love you, pal.

  3. kathy rice says:

    Wowza! I agree with Melissa….that is a lot to bite off. But realize that it doesn’t rest on your shoulders to make sure it all gets DONE, just moved forward a bit. Hopefully some of the short termers will be able to help with some of this.
    It sounds like a missionary wish list but not necessarily realistic. Make sure that everyone realizes what the others are asking from you as well. Ask them to help you prioritize your time or at least assign blocks of time to each ministry so you can dedicate some time to each. Then you can tell the leaders when you will have time to get to their projects.
    Also do you have contact info, like a cell phone number?

    Love always,
    your advice=giving mom

  4. kathy rice says:

    Charlie says your sixth area of activity is: 1. Waiting. Supervised by God.

  5. tedenrice says:

    I understand y’all’s concerns, but I’m not feeling overwhelmed by this. Maybe I should be?

    I have specific times marked off for each group, and Sara is my main “boss”, so everything will be coordinated through her and people understand if I have to drop one job.

    It’ll be good. more mercy.

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