A Hold-Over Post

Hey y’all:
I wrote a legit post that I’ll put on later, but for now, know that Holly and I are taking the combi by ourselves (woot!) and it’s my first day of real work. I’ll be working with Sara Ward on getting a micro-business ministry started. It’s good stuff.

Also: food pictures! I’m now a real overseas blogger. Booyah.

Edit: Rats! I am bad at technology, and so I couldn’t get the pictures to load. Tonight it will happen… Get excited, folks!


2 Comments on “A Hold-Over Post”

  1. Write whatever…the unedited book. Just like to share in your experience from my rocking chair.

  2. newcityjim@yahoo.com says:

    Your the best Karen, thanks for all your work. and Holly too. You go girls for taking the bus all by yourselves!

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