Hey y’all,

The in-flight entertainment system crashed shortly after we finally took off. The computer started to do its scary lines-of-code-that-say-bizarre-things-like-‘releasing the daemons’.  The computer stopped itself, realizing something was terribly wrong, and it should do something to make the situation better. It froze for a moment, and then remedied the situation by…putting the picture of a penguin at the top of the screen and continuing with its code lines.  And it was right, that did make the situation better.

Besides the crashing, the entertainment system is pretty sweet. It’s got new movies that people actually want to see and full CDs, most of which I want but don’t have. I’m watching The Blind Side, which I’ve heard is a good movie, and passes the hours well. They clouds are pretty gorgeous, but my camera’s inaccessible right now, so I’m not taking the many cloud pictures I usually can’t resist on airplanes. But I’m glued to the window the whole flight, usually. And this time is no different. It’s great to see sunset-lit clouds from above. It’s my fave. PLUS, we have some turbulence, which is awesome! I know it freaks some people out, but I’m really, really confident we aren’t going to crash, so I like a little excitement. It makes it less like a bus in the sky and more like a roller coaster in the sky. It’s great, yo.

Okay, things to say about Pre-Field Training:

  • (First, though, I have to say, the whole sky is gorgeous, it is pink and orange and blue at the top, and the moon just appeared on the horizon. Whew, so gorgeous.)
  • Okay, the teams are going to places all around the world, and they seemed to jell really well, and are really excited to be a part of the Kingdom work.  It was fun to be with them, although (And now there is lightning. I’m pretty sure God was excited for when people learned to fly so that they could see all this cool stuff from above. )

UPDATE: Delta’s in-flight entertainment system and God’s outside entertainment system were so good that I didn’t finish writing the stuff before.

But now I’m IN LIMA!! The floors are squeaky because of the finish they put on them, the juice is delicious, traffic is unpredictable, the water is to be avoided at all costs, and I am in Lima!  Thank you, God! I woke up this morning, thinking I was still in North Carolina, but I’m not, I’m in Lima! Woohoo!

The stuff in the airport was really smooth, and I kept thinking back to my last trip here, when Kara was so horribly sick the whole flight, and by 5 am, just wasn’t functional anymore. Poor kid, that was so miserable for her.

Y’all should just all come to Lima. I keep seeing things that I know Cynthia would love, or my dad would be excited about, or other people should see. So, just come to Lima, and be here with me.

Susan y Paulo picked us up from the airport, and it was so great to see them again. Paulo’s English has gotten a little better, although he said it hasn’t, and it was so great to be back joking, and not understanding, and trying in English, and trying again in Spanish. Bah. So good.

Today, we’re going out to lunch with Lori and Sara, two of the missionaries, for orientation. And seeing them! Oh man. Again, so excited!

Sorry there have been so exclamation points, but, y’all, I just love Lima, and the people here, and the dirt and everything.

Love, squeaky floors, and exclamation points,



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