Day 1, for reals.

Hey y’all-

Do you remember how excited I was this morning? You might have identified it by all the exclamation points and “this is so great”s, etc. Well…that was this morning.

I’m still excited in a deep-down way and, when I think about it, in a emotional way, but I’m exhausted and pretty overwhelmed, more so that I thought I would be. Sara and Caroline came to pick us up, and Holly and I went with them, jumped (and by “jumped” I mean, “chased down while running and jumped on while it was moving”) on a combi (“cohmbee”, for the uninitiated) to La Molina, where the Wards and Berrys live.  If you haven’t been to Lima, combis are privately owned vans and buses that run thoughout Lima. You flag down the one you want, they barely wait for you to get on before pulling out literally inches in front of another car, horns of both vehicles blaring. It’s good stuff, but it was significantly more overwhelming than I had expected. I guess last time I had a few days of being in a car in Lima traffic to adjust, before traversing it with crowds of other people on combis.

We had a great time with Sara and Lori, hearing each others’ stories and walking through our tentative schedules.  It’s crazy, this is the first time I’ve really had responsibilities in Lima. The first time I helped out and stuff, but I was just chillin’. The next time I was part of a group, so I just did what I was told. This time I have Things To Do. And they’re different responsibilities than I expected, although all good. I’m  going to be hanging out with cute kiddos at Casa de la Gloria more than I thought, which will be lovely. I do like cute kiddos, you know. Also, I’ll be getting to do admin stuff for and with lots of people. I’ll be working with Jim and Paulo on music stuff, with Sara on getting a micro-business ministry started, with Susan for Kids’ Church, and maybe some other stuff. It’s exciting to be involved with  this stuff, but adjusting just takes some energy.

Things That Are Also Good But Also Take Energy: Hanging out at Gianella’s birthday party for 2 hours or so. It was just chillin’, speaking Spanish, but I started to get really tired and zone out. But I love being around those great folks.

Okay, I’m wiped out. Adjusting and walking and taking combis takes it out of you. But God is faithful, and He’s got me here for His purposes, and it’s lovely.

Love and adjustments,



2 Comments on “Day 1, for reals.”

  1. Ruth Kellar says:

    I’m so happy for you Karen! I know you’re doing great, and they’re really lucky to have you there… and thanks for this blog; it’s great hearing what you’re up to!
    (and yes, I realize I just used “great” twice in one sentence, but when referring to you it’s a hard mistake not to make….ahem 🙂

  2. […] my first few days of adjustment (warning, I was a bit of a […]

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