First Day of the Summer

As I write, the 24 interns, including myself, who flew into Atlanta are in a charter bus, winding up thw switchbacks of a mountain of sorts in North Carolina.  The bus driver has had two close calls with other vehicles coming around a curve as we’re cutting across their lane. Some people appear a little freaked about it, but I’m not worried at all, not after the Wards and my epic in-a-b-us-almost-dying adventure the first time I was in Peru. (Ask me about that sometime, it’s a fun story. And by “fun” I mean “I get super overdramatic about mildly scary events when telling it”.  That’s what fun means. Did you know that?)

Well, I went to bed at 1:45 am and jolted awake a minute before my alarm at 4:45 am, and my very sweet Dad took be to the airport by 5:40.

The flight stuff went really smoothly. I conked out pretty quickly once we were in the air, and woke up again as they put on the “fasten seatbelt” sign to land.  That’s one of my favorite ways to pass a plane ride. The other is to keep my face glued to the window. They’re both good options.

The Atlanta airport was a bit tricky to traverse (They have a train! In an airport! Because it’s huge!), and I couldn’t find anyone from MTW waiting to meet me.  I just chilled out for a while and found out that my Aunt Karen was also in the airport.  She’s going to Oregon to be with my Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa Keyser was really unexpectedly diagnosed with colon cancer last week, had surgery, and is in a lot of pain. Please be praying for him, guys.

After some hijinks, I connected with the MTW group, waited around for a couple of hours for everyone’s plane to get there and hopped on this bus for 3 hours.

I’m starting to get really excited about Lima and things have been going really well except my next hurts like nobody’s business from sleeping on it wrong way on the plane and the airport and in the bus. I’m good at sleeping, though.

Love and sitting,



2 Comments on “First Day of the Summer”

  1. Mom says:

    You might want to get that “x” out of your neck. I think that’s why it is hurting! Love you a ton (unless I lose weight, then it’s less than a ton….well, no, actually my love for you is never less than a ton.)


  2. cyntaur23 says:

    Hah. Somehow I managed to not read this one before. But, I know that “jolting awake” you speak of! All the time. Hahah. Always makes me giggle.

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