Close Calls and Panic Packing

Short update for now:
Here’s the thing: Sometimes my brain doesn’t work. This time it decided, without consulting my consciousness or my ticket, that I was leaving on Tuesday morning at 6:50 am. I told people this all day at church, made plans to go jeans shopping on Monday, and didn’t do any packing on Sunday, instead opting to play games and watch a movie with the fam.

Here’s the other thing: my plane to the training in North Carolina does not leave on Tuesday, but instead on Monday at 6:50 am. I realized this through getting a facebook message from Holly, one of my lovely fellow interns, which read, “I get to meet you tomorrow”.


And at this point my lovely family and dear friend Abi stepped in to remind me that tomorrow was still tomorrow and not yesterday yet. (Listen, I was in a pretty panicked state at this point, they needed to keep it simple.)

And we packed.

And I am packed and am requiring some overnighting of contacts and books to North Carolina, but it’s nothing that can’t be dealt with, and my family and Abi were lovely and helpful.

Whew. Guys, sometimes I’m amazed that I’ve made it this far through life without forgetting something major and life-changing. Or maybe i have, and just haven’t remembered yet…    That’s…concerning. But God is faithful, and used Holly’s reminder to get my brain in gear. Thank you so much, God!

Well, my daddy is getting up at 4:45 to take me to the airport because he is an unselfish daddy and it willing to be sleep deprived for his daughter. Which means that I should go to bed, too. (Sidenote: my blog thinks it’s an hour earlier than it is, which will be handy in Lima, which is on Eastern time.)

Okay, Imma go now. I’m sure I’ll update more during downtime at the airport.

Love and close calls,



One Comment on “Close Calls and Panic Packing”

  1. Melissa Hartwell says:

    Whew, that was a close one! I’m just concerned by the fact that you didn’t get any new jeans. Blessings to you, Karen, as you begin this adventure.

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