Seven Days!

It’s getting closer, folks.

I’m excited to meet with Andrew Stern today to learn from him what he thinks about and does as he directs short-term teams.  Andrew (for those of you who don’t know him) is the director of the summer teams program at New City, through which over 500 high school, family, and college teams come to St. Louis for a week and get involved with our tutoring program for inner city kids, doing deeds of mercy for widows and single moms, and, above all, building relationships and seeing the Kingdom advance.

I’ve been part of teams who have done that for two years, and I think Andrew does a good job changing the teams’ attitudes and viewpoints as they come in, from “we’re here to fix everything for these poor people” to “I want to build a relationship with this widow, who has valuable things to teach me.”   I want to know how to do that.   Realistically, meeting with Andrew will hopefully give me a start on what things I need to think about, but I’m praying that God would use what he says to help me be more thoughtful and effective in whatever role I play in Lima. I’m just starting the learning process that I’m sure Jim and Sara Ward will continue with me in Lima.

Also, on a lighter note: I get my braces off tomorrow! Woohooo!  I’ll actually get to look like a grown-up!  I will for sure be posting pictures.

Love and impending changes,



5 Comments on “Seven Days!”

  1. Your Dad says:

    Look forward to reading more. Did you take that photo?

  2. tedenrice says:

    Yep, I took the photo. I’ll probably change it to different stuff a bunch. I can’t seem to settle on one that I think I’ll like for a long time.

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks for writing a blog. I read and will commment, maybe LOTS of times, just so you will get some comments.

  4. Mom says:

    Also, I love you.

  5. Mom says:

    You are a blessing.

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